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      Chinese | Join kehao | About us | Message Hello, welcome to Xiamen Kehao Automation Co., Ltd!
      National advisory hotline:0592-3191333

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      Why Kehao? - Our advantages.

      • Machine,machining center Motor applications to meet different standards
      • Musical fountain The excellent performance of speed.
      • Extruder Excellent torque enhancing function.
      • Air compressor High performance vector control.

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      Cooperate with Kehao assured Mr. Chen Zhongshan

      Kehao has been working with Kehao for many years, the quality of the product is very stable... [Details]

      Kehao is trustworthy! Mr. Zhang Foshan

      Kehao gives people the feeling is: professional, rigorous. Kehao is a kind of professional work, the ... [Details]

      Kehao products that I really trust Mr. Liu Shenzhen

      Kehao product quality is very good, from a year ago to the present, the quality of products has been very ... [Details]

      The Kehao service is good!! Miss.Yang Guangzhou

      For Kehao had to say, the service is very good, the staff is also very warm, always for our sake... [Details]

      National hotline: 0592-3191333

      MORE+ Kehao electronic won a number of honors, many customers are sure! 

      Kehaoabout us

      Xiamen Kehao Automation Co., Ltd is a professional hi-tech manufacturer in development and manufacturing of industrial process automation instrumentations. Located in Xiamen Hi-tech industrial development zone since 2003, supported greatly by Xiamen Government, cooperating strongly with famous universities "Xiamen University", "Taiwan Cheinkuo Technology University", taking comprehensive advantages and advanced equipments ...



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